Swim Lesson Prices
West LA "Coolidge" Pool

We only offer PRIVATE, one-on-one swim lessons and appointments are typically 30-minutes per swimmer.

If you have two swimmers you can book a 60-minute appointment and split the time between the two.

60-minute appointments may also be used by a single swimmer who is more advanced, or older.



Booking lessons à la carte is done via our Online Booking Page.

Booking lessons à la carte is a great option for clients who:

-Want to try out one lesson before committing to a "Recurring Schedule."

-Have varying schedules and aren't able to commit to a consistent day/time each week.

-Want to book a more frequent schedule with lessons occurring multiple times per week over a shorter amount of time

-Cannot find an available Recurring time slot that works but would like to get started with sporadic bookings until a consistent time slot becomes available.


30-minute appointment:


60-minute appointment:


To book a "Recurring Schedule," CLICK HERE.

The "Recurring Schedule" allows you to book a standing weekly time slot (you will be scheduled with the same teacher every week on the same day/time).  
This Scheduling option offers a discount on the price per class (as compared to booking lessons à la carte).
You will be placed on a monthly auto-renew billing cycle and your auto-renew plan will remain in effect until you choose to discontinue your lessons. 

Click HERE to learn more about the Recurring Schedule option!

PRICES (monthly auto-renew):

30-minute appointment:


60-minute appointment:


Booking Parent & Me lessons is done via our Online Booking Page.


For kids 6-24mo, Head Above Water offers an introductory water experience in a private lesson setting. For kids under 24 months, the lessons will be structured in the Parent & Me style, where a parent or caregiver will get in the water with the child. 

These lessons can be scheduled à la carte, or, for new clients, we also offer an "Intro Package" of four (4) x 30-minute lessons.

NOTE: The baby water experience is not offered for children over 24 months of age.


30-minute appointment:


**Intro Package**

Four (4) x 30-min appointments:

$300 ($75/lesson)

All pricing options will have an additional $25 annual registration fee per swimmer.

Lessons with the Owner

Kate Polich Greenberg, the owner of Head Above Water, reserves a limited amount of time to personally work with a select few swimmers each year. For the premium and exclusive experience of Swim Lessons with the Owner, click HERE!