Swim Lesson Prices

West LA "Coolidge" Pool

Prices below are for PRIVATE, one-on-one swim lessons at Head Above Water's West LA pool.

If you have your own pool and would like Head Above Water to send a swim instructor to you, Click Here to view in-home lesson prices.



A great option for clients who:

-Want to try out one lesson before committing to a  recurring schedule. 

-Have varying schedules and aren't able to commit to a consistent day/time each week and instead would like to schedule lessons sporadically on different days/times according to their own schedule.

-Want to book a more frequent schedule with lessons occurring multiple times per week over a shorter amount of time

PRICES (A la carte):

One 30-minute lesson:      $75

One 45-minute lesson:    $105

One 60-minute lesson:    $130

One 90-minute lesson:    $195

Scheduling at the Coolidge pool is most often done on a recurring basis. Clients pick a consistent weekly time slot with the same teacher every week. Consistency is key in the learn-to-swim process — our recurring scheduling option aims at providing this consistency for a swimmer of any age.


Pricing for our Recurring Scheduling option offers a discount on the price per class as compared to the custom schedule option. Lessons are billed 8 lessons at a time, on a recurring basis, until the client chooses to discontinue their lessons. 

PRICES (billed 8 at a time):

Eight 30-minute lessons: 

$544 ($68/class)


Eight 45-minute lessons:

$760 ($95/class)

Eight 60-minute lessons: 

$960 ($120/class)


Eight 90-minute lessons:

$1440 ($180/class)

Click HERE to learn more about the benefits of the Recurring Schedule option!

For kids 6-24mo, Head Above Water offers a series of six (6) x 30-minute private lessons that provide an introductory water experience for your young child. These lessons are typically offered "Parent & Me" style with a parent or caregiver getting in the water with the child. 

NOTE: The baby water experience is not offered for children over 24 months of age.


Six 30-minute lessons with 1 child

$420 per child ($70/class)

At the Coolidge pool, our Baby Water Experience is only offered in a private lesson setting (one child only). If you have your own group AND your own pool, Head Above Water does offer Group Parent & Me lessons for kids 6-24mo and pricing for this service can be found here.

All pricing options will have an additional $25 annual registration fee per swimmer.

Lessons with the Owner

Kate Polich, the owner of Head Above Water, reserves a limited amount of time to personally work with swimmers each year. For the premium and exclusive experience of Swim Lessons with the Owner, click HERE!