Andrew G.

Ages Andrew Works With: 6mo. through Adult
Andrew's Schedule: Monday through Thursday + Saturday

Areas Andrew Teaches: West LA COOLIDGE Pool ONLY

One of our most popular male instructors, Andrew has been working as a lifeguard and swim instructor for over 15 years. Now in his 12th year of working with Head Above Water, Andrew has been certified as a Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard and has worked with students of all ages and abilities. Andrew has gained much experience working in aquatics and has a true passion for instructing students in what he feels is an invaluable skill. He knows that the swimming instruction he provides helps promote fitness, fun and safety for people of all ages.

Ariel F.

Ages Ariel Works With: 6 months through Adult
Ariel's Schedule: Sundays

Areas Ariel Teaches: West LA COOLIDGE pool

Now in her 2nd year with HAW, Ariel is a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago where she received a degree in Animation. She has been a swim instructor for over 6 years and she absolutely LOVES to help swimmers of all ages realize a love for the water. She likes to make her lessons fun with plenty of games and singing. She prides herself on making sure your child learns important life and safety skills and has a ton of fun doing it!

Caroline B.

Ages Caroline Works With: 2yr through Adult
Caroline's Schedule: M/T/W/F/Sun

Areas Caroline Teaches: San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley (East), San Fernando Valley (Central), and Central LA Areas

Caroline was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She began swimming competitively at the age of 7 and continued throughout her high school years. She was a lifeguard for three years and has over five years of experience working with children in many environments, from camp counselor to swim instructor to piano teacher. She is a proud recipient of the Girl Scout Gold Award. Caroline believes that the water is both therapeutic and a catalyst for character development. She thoroughly enjoys teaching new skills and being a part of a student's learning experience.

Chloe B.

Ages Chloe Works With: 6 months through Adult
Chloe's Schedule: Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Areas Chloe Teaches: West LA COOLIDGE Pool (Fridays) and all West LA areas

Chloe completed her undergraduate work at the University of Hawaii Manoa and is currently attending Law School in Los Angeles. She was born in South Africa, attended high school in Australia but now calls the U.S. home. Her aquatic career started at the age of 6 as a competitive swimmer for her local swim team, but by the age of 12 she was ready for a new challenge...Water Polo! She fell in love with the sport and played for the Australian National Team. She went on to complete at the Division 1 level at the University of Hawaii, all the while finding opportunities to share her love for the water and aquatic sports with the next generation! 

Emily A.

Ages Emily Works With: 6 months through Adult
Emily's Schedule: Monday through Friday + Sunday

Areas Emily Teaches: San Fernando Valley

Emily was born in Phoenix, Arizona but spent most of her childhood life in Indonesia, where her love of swimming and everything aquatic-related blossomed. She grew up surfing, racing sailboats, snorkeling, and swimming in both pools and the ocean. Upon moving back to California her sophomore year of high school, she joined a recreational swim team and became a lifeguard and swim instructor by her junior year. Her passion for teaching swim lessons grew as she taught children as young as 6 months up to 14 years, in both private and group settings. Having grown up her whole life around the water, her number one priority when teaching is safety. And number two, of course, is to have fun!

Giles R.

Ages Giles Works With: 6 months through Adult
Giles's Schedule: Mon-Thurs evenings + weekends

Areas Giles Teaches: All West LA areas and West LA COOLIDGE Pool (Sundays)

Giles is returning for his 12th year with Head Above Water! He is a graduate of Duquesne University with 15 years of competitive swimming background. While stroke technique is one of his specialties, he works with swimmers of all ages and even works with infants and toddlers as one of our Mommy and Me specialists. Giles also has over 15 years of coaching experience. He is an avid tri-athlete and loves teaching kids to swim. As one of our veteran instructors who knows how to make swimming fun, your child is sure to have a positive experience in the pool with Giles!

Jane R.

Ages Jane Works With: 6 months through Adult
Jane's Schedule: Fridays

Areas Jane Teaches: West LA COOLIDGE Pool

We are happy to welcome Jane back to HAW for her 3rd season! Jane was born in New York City, moving here with her family when she was 7 years old. She attended Woodbury University where she graduated with a degree in Interior Design with a minor in Art. She and her sister were avid swimmers; she did water ballet while her sister stayed with swimming freestyle in swim meets. In her twenties she began working with kids in the pool for Crystal Scarbourough in the West Los Angeles area and continued teaching privately after she left. She came back to the Beverlywood Swim School in 2012 and worked there until they closed their doors in January 2019. She has worked with babies 4 weeks old and up all the way through adults of any age. She is especially good at getting adults relaxed and comfortable in the water. But she also loves working with babies and watching them learn the basic blocks of swimming and the independence and joy it brings to them. She believes you should teach your child to swim at an early age---it is the cheapest insurance you could ever get for them!!

Kate Polich, LMFT106711**OWNER**

Ages Kate Works With: 6 months through Adult
Kate's Schedule: Tuesdays + Thursdays

Areas Kate Teaches: All areas

Kate Polich, the owner of Head Above Water, is passionate about aquatics! While Kate isn't in the pool full-time any longer, she keeps a limited amount of space available in her schedule to come work with a few select swimmers each year. For more information on lessons with Kate, click HERE!

Shanna S.

Ages Shanna Works With: 2yr through Adult
Shanna's Schedule: M/W/F

Areas Shanna Teaches: West LA areas and West LA COOLIDGE Pool

Shanna grew up in Santa Monica, CA and started to swim at the age of 2. She’s had five years experience as a junior lifeguard at the beach and four years experience teaching swim lessons at the Santa Monica Swim Center. Her freshman year of high school is where she started her water polo career, leading her team to a CIF championship and earning CIF First Team as well as Team and League MVP. She continued her water polo career with an athletic scholarship at Azusa Pacific University. In her free time she volunteers at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter and the Westside food bank. She is excited to share her passion for the water with all of her swimmers!

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