We specialize in one service —
An Aquatic Experience
Tailored to You!

Here's what that means to us:



We believe in the private, one-on-one lesson structure.  The individualized attention offered in a one-on-one class allows every swimmer to get the most out of their lesson time.  


When you're at our pool, you can expect a private, distraction-free lesson environment.  With only one lesson scheduled at any given time, every swimmer will be able to enjoy their pool time without interruption.  


We want our swimmers to get the most out of every class, which is why lessons will be focused on building tangible skills that move each swimmer closer to their goals.  


Having a positive experience is core to who we are.  We want every swimmer to feel safe and confident in the water, which starts with having FUN in the pool! 


We know that one size doesn't fit all!  That's why we tailor and customize each swimmer's lesson to fit their unique learning style and goals.

All Abilities

Our swimmers come to us with a wide range of ability levels and goals.  Whether the aim is to develop comfort in the water, learn how to be safe in the pool, or refine stroke technique, we will meet each swimmer where they're at!

All Ages

We believe that swimmers of all ages can benefit from lessons!  That's why we offer our services to infants as young as 6 months, up to adults of any age, and anyone in between!

Experienced Instructors

All of our swim instructors have at least eight years of experience teaching swim lessons, and will make sure every swimmer's pool time is enjoyable and productive!