Parent & Me

Our Parent & Me Swim Lessons are designed to introduce young children (ages 6-24 months*) to the pool in a fun, playful and nurturing environment. In our introductory Parent & Me classes, your young swimmer will work on acclimating to the water and he/she be introduced to some of the basic skills they will need to swim independently at an older age.

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The goal of our Parent & Me classes is to first and foremost assist the new swimmer in building a positive association with the pool. We believe children should learn from a young age that swimming can be FUN! Though the goal of our Parent & Me classes is not necessarily independent swimming, we aim to introduce many basic skills to the new swimmer. As a general rule, children under 24 months are not quite developmentally ready, physically nor cognitively, to swim independently. However, our experienced Parent & Me swim instructors will introduce all the basic elements of swimming in an assisted manner, always moving the child towards more and more independence with each skill based on readiness.


Some of the skills your child will be introduced to include:

  • blowing bubbles

  • floating (on stomach and back)

  • kicking

  • introductory arm motions

  • jumping from the side of the pool (starting in a seated position)

  • climbing out of the pool

  • putting his/her face in the water

  • going underwater, holding his/her breath


All skills will be aided by the parent and/or the swim instructor. In our Parent & Me classes, we do not expect your young swimmer to master all the skills listed above. Rather, we focus on introducing these skills with an expectation that the child will not be doing these things un-aided until he/she transitions to a regular private lesson after they turn 2 years old.


At the Head Above Water pool, we only offer Private 1:1 Parent & Me swim lessons. Pricing for Parent & Me lessons at the Head Above Water location can be found here.

If you have your own pool and your own group, the Owner of Head Above Water is available for in-home services. Pricing for in-home Group Parent & Me lessons can be found here.