HAW Swim Lesson Policies

Payment Policy

Your credit card guarantees your lesson time. Reservations are not confirmed until a valid form of payment is on file. Payment is due at the time of booking. The only form of payment accepted is credit/debit card — we accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX). We do not accept cash, checks, or other forms of electronic payment (ie. venmo, paypal, etc.). There is an annual $25 registration fee per swimmer assessed on your first invoice of the year, which is non-refundable once your swim lessons have commenced. The registration fee is assessed every year. Lessons must be used within 365 days of the purchase date. After 365 days, lesson credits expire and can no longer be used towards services. 

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior your scheduled lesson via the Client Portal. Cancellations cannot be accepted via email, phone or text, nor can cancellations be made directly with your swim instructor. This cancellation policy includes cancellations for sickness, weather (rain/cold), and any other reason. If you are not able to provide 24-hour notice, your swim lesson will be forfeited and no make-up lesson will be offered. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed with the same teacher nor are they guaranteed on specific days/times. 

Additional Note about Cancellations for "Recurring Schedules":

Our "Recurring Schedule" option is meant for clients who are able to make a weekly commitment to their lessons. When you book a "Recurring Schedule," we hold your time slot for you and only you — no other client can book your time slot unless/until you give it up. As we make this commitment to you, we ask that you make the same commitment to Head Above Water and your swim instructor. Frequent cancellations are burdensome and due to a variety of factors, if you have to cancel more than two lessons in a row, we cannot continue to hold your time slot. If you cancel three or more lessons in a row, we reserve the right to reclaim your time slot and cancel your future reservation. If you have an extended absence of 3 or more weeks in a row and you do not want to lose your time slot, you're welcome to continue paying for your time slot in order to avoid cancellation of your reservation.

Refund Policy

Should you wish to cancel your lessons prior to the commencement of classes (with at least 24-hour notice prior to your first scheduled class), any amount that you have already paid will be refunded in full including the registration fee. Should you wish to cancel your lessons at any point during your lesson series, all lessons that have not been taken will be refunded, but the registration is non-refundable once lessons have commenced. Since lessons are valid for 365 days from the purchase date, refunds can only be offered within 365 days of the date the lessons were purchased.


Office Communication

Head Above Water's Client Portal is the platform for all communication regarding your swim lesson schedule. All schedule changes must be made through the Client Portal - including but not limited to date/time changes, cancellations and payment updates. Matters related to your swim lesson schedule will not be the responsibility of the Swim Instructor. Any changes made directly with your Swim Instructor will not be honored. 

Continuation Policy

Lesson time slots are booked on a first come-first served basis. We DO NOT guarantee your time slot beyond the lessons you booked. If you book lessons à la carte but want to switch over to a consistent/weekly schedule, CLICK HERE to learn about our most popular scheduling option: "The Recurring Schedule."


Weather Policy

We DO conduct swim lessons in all kinds of weather - clouds, rain and all! Children find it fun to swim in the rain and the pool will always be nice and warm! The only reason we would cancel the lesson is if there is thunder and/or lightning within 30 minutes before or during the lesson. In that case, we would get out of the pool immediately and reschedule the lesson. If you would prefer to cancel your lesson due to weather conditions (or any other circumstance) you must cancel your lesson at least 24 hours in advance of your class via the Client Portal. Lessons are not eligible to be rescheduled due to chilly weather or rain if the class is canceled with less than 24-hr notice. We recommend checking the weather report the day before your lesson to make sure conditions are suitable for you.


Shared Lessons

If you are splitting a block of time with a friend or sibling, or if you are a participant in a group Parent-and-Me class, you are billed at a group rate. Because of this, make up lessons cannot be honored for a single child. That is, if one child can't make it on a particular day but the other child/children can, we wouldn't be able to honor a makeup class for the one child who can't make it -- that child would simply have to forfeit his/her class. The only way we can accommodate a makeup lesson is if the ENTIRE group cancels for a particular day and in that case we can reschedule the whole group for another day. To cancel the entire group's class, our cancellation policy is 24 hours in advance of the lesson. 


Instructor Changes and Cancellations

It is always our goal and intention for the swim instructor you are booked with to be available for your lesson. However, there are many unforeseen factors that can cause a teacher to miss a lesson such as illness, car trouble, family emergency, etc. In the event that your assigned swim instructor cannot make it for one of your scheduled classes we will contact you with as much advance notice as possible and work with you to find a solution. Depending on your preference, the solution might include having a substitute teacher for your class (if one is available and you are interested in having a sub), rescheduling your class for another date with your regular teacher (if we can find an alternate date that works for both you and the instructor), or providing you with a refund for any classes that are not able to be completed due to instructor cancellations. It is never our intention to inconvenience our clients or swimmers and we apologize in advance if your swim instructor cannot make it to your scheduled class. 

Note About Cold Pools at In-Home Lessons 

When providing in-home swim lessons, we require your swimming pool to be heated to at least 80 degrees. A more comfortable pool temperature will be between 88-92 degrees (depending on the outside temperature and the time of year). We want your swimmer to be comfortable in the water and not have the distraction of being cold. If upon arrival your pool is cold, we will do our best to teach the lesson, but if the actual pool temperature is below 80 degrees, Head Above Water can officially call off the lesson. In this case, no make-up lesson will be offered. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that their pool is heated.

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