Learn more about our Waitlists

At Head Above Water, we have two waitlists and you're welcome to join one or both:
The "Short-Term" Waitlist
The "Short-Term" waitlist is for clients looking for lessons on specific dates. For example, while you might not be looking for a regular Monday appointment, you might be available this upcoming Monday and thus want to add yourself to the waitlist for this one specific Monday only. Or perhaps you're getting ready to go on a trip and you want to drop in for a handful of lessons over the next two weeks before you leave. The Short-Term Waitlist is a fit for situations like these! If you want to add yourself to the waitlist for specific dates, CLICK HERE.
The "Long-Term" Waitlist
With the "Long-Term" waitlist, you will indicate your general weekly availability and you will be notified whenever a time slot opens up that matches your general availability. On this waitlist, you will be able to indicate whether you'd like to be notified about openings that will allow you to book a “Recurring Schedule,” openings for one-off/à la carte appointments, or both. You will remain on this waitlist and be notified of any openings until you request to be taken off the list. If this sounds like the waitlist for you, CLICK HERE.