Child Lessons


At Head Above Water we believe in the private 1:1 lesson structure where we are able to cater to a wide variety of ages and ability levels (we do not offer semi-private or group classes). Our skill-oriented lessons are focused on helping your child become "water-safe." We believe in doing this in a fun and kid-friendly environment. Your child's lessons will include toys, games, and songs to make learning fun! Below you will find a general progression of what your child's lessons may look like, though it is important to note that we customize each lesson to specifically meet your child's unique needs.

Entry-level beginner: These swimmers have little to no prior swimming experience.  They may be hesitant or fearful to get in the water. Swim instructors will start by working on water acclimation followed by introducing beginning water safety skills, such as blowing bubbles, putting face in the water, holding breath, proper kicking and arm motions, floating, and climbing out of the pool. These skills will be aided by the instructor with a goal of gaining more confidence in the water so that the skills can be completed un-aided.   

Mid-level beginner: Once a child can float independently and put his/her face in the water, the swimmer is ready to learn more advanced water-safety and swimming skills. Skills may still be aided by a kickboard or noodle until all skills can be completed un-aided. Children will be taught how to properly use their arms and legs to propel themselves through the water. This skill may start out as a “doggy paddle” with the goal of moving towards a more sophisticated “front crawl.”  

Advanced beginner: Once a child starts to understand the concept of using his/her arms and legs to move through the water, the swim instructor will introduce the important skill of breathing while swimming. Coming up for a breath while using his/her arms and legs is going to be a key element in a child truly becoming “water safe” and swimming independently. Swimmers will also learn more about how to be safe swimming on their back at this stage. 

Please note: The lesson levels detailed above are only a guide. Each Head Above Water swimmer will be taught according to his/her individual level. Additionally, the amount of time it takes for each swimmer to progress through these general levels varies from swimmer to swimmer. At Head Above Water, we believe in honoring each swimmer's individual pace. We want the swimmer to feel confident and safe in the water and we will take the time necessary to ensure that the swimmer can master the skills before moving onto the next level. 

Child Lessons


Once a child has mastered the beginner skills, they are ready to progress to lessons that focus on more sophisticated swimming skills & stroke development. The four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly) will be introduced and proper form will be refined. Treading water is also an important skill that advanced swimmers will learn. All lessons are taught in a private 1:1 class structure. As such, lesson time is always tailored to exactly what the individual swimmer needs to work on. We believe the private lesson structure sets swimmers up for best success to reach their individual goals!


Adult Lessons

Our adult swimmers come to us with a variety of goals. Our belief in the private 1:1 lesson structure ensures that each adult swimmer will have a class that is tailored to their unique needs and ability level. Whether you are new to swimming, have anxieties or fears about the water, are looking to swim for exercise, are training for a triathlon, or anything in between, we are here to help!


No matter what level you are at, swimming uses all the major muscle groups in the body and can help your heart, lungs and overall wellbeing. Our adult swimmers know that swimming can provide lifelong satisfaction to one's physical and mental health.

Parent and Me

Our Parent-and-Me Swim Lessons are designed to teach young children ages 6-24 months the basic building blocks of learning to swim, in a fun and nurturing environment. In this introductory class, your young swimmer will become acclimated to the water. We will work with them on building a positive association with the pool. The child will be introduced to some of the basic skills needed to swim independently at an older age including floating, kicking, blowing bubbles, and even going underwater. CLICK HERE for more information about what to expect in our Parent & Me classes.