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Child taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

Tailored Services

For All Ages

Your Aquatic Journey is Not Linear

Swimmers come to me at all stages of their aquatic journey. Whether this will be your young swimmer's first water experience or perhaps you're revisiting the water as an adult to learn new skills, your lessons will be tailored to you, your learning style and your unique goals. Here are just a few examples of where some of my swimmers have joined me in their journeys:


                  Case Study 1: Whitney & Harley
              Whitney wanted to give her 1-year-old daughter, Harley a                                        developmentally-appropriate, positive experience with the water while                using swim lessons as an opportunity for more bonding time between the           two of them during this precious time in her daughter's young life. The use of           songs, toys and games were integral in allowing Harley to develop a strong              affinity to the pool while having the opportunity to experience this new activity           with a safe and trusted caregiver.

Child taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

4 months-24 months

30 minute lessons, 1x/week

Child taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

                                         Case Study 2: Jack
At 20 months of age, Jack was ready to start                                                 exploring the water on his own, without one of his                                caregivers in the water with him. While adventurous in certain areas of his life, Jack was a bit more timid about the water.

While he wasn't developmentally ready to start learning how to swim independently, his mother and father wanted him to start being introduced to new learning experiences in a safe and positive environment. During his initial lessons, Kate used play-based

learning to help Jack increase his comfort and confidence in

the water, while introducing new skills at opportune times. 

Water Acclimation

4 months & up

Child taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

            Case Study 3: Cora
        Cora started her aquatic journey with Kate when she

             was 3.5 years old. As a brand new swimmer, she liked the idea of the                    pool and enjoyed herself when someone was holding her in the                           water, but she had a fear of getting her face wet, which inhibited                       her from wanting to learn how to swim on her own. As her parents                     saw water safety as  an important life skill, they wanted Cora to                          start swim lessons but it  was imperative to them that they found                       someone who could take things at Cora's speed. Kate's gentle and                  attuned approach was just what Cora needed to gain confidence                and start learning all of the skills necessary to one day swim on her own.

30 minute lessons, 1x/week

Learn-to-Swim Intro

2.5 yrs & up

30 minute lessons, 1-2x/week

                                     Case Study 4: Alfie
                                       Three-year-old Alfie was an adventurous little

                                      boy who wanted  desperately to swim on his own,                                         but he lacked the skills and  knowledge necessary to know how to do so. Since he had a pool at his house, his parents had

been taking him into the water recreationally since he was very young.

This regular exposure to the water got him naturally to the pool where he was comfortable putting his face into the water and could use his legs

to kick a short distance, but he didn't yet know how to take a breath —

a key skill in becoming an independent swimmer. With consistent instruction from Kate, Alfie learned how to successfully take a

breath and then worked on becoming stronger with his legs

and arms and was ultimately able to swim full lengths of the

pool both on his stomach and back. Getting to this level

allowed him to start taking beginner surfing lessons and further

his love of the water.

Child taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

Independent Swimming

3 yrs & up

30 minute lessons, 1-2x/week

Child taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

                        Case Study 5: Evan
             Evan was a very cautious little boy when

               he began Parent & Me swim lessons with Kate as a 1-year-old.                          Evan's journey was slow and steady, which made it incredibly                          rewarding when he was finally swimming independently. Now 5                      years old, Evan was ready to learn more sophisticated ways of                       swimming including Freestyle and Backstroke. Having mastered                    breath control in earlier parts of his aquatic journey, Evan was                     developmentally ready and emotionally eager to take on new                  challenges in the pool.

Intro to Strokes

4 yrs & up

30 minute lessons, 1-2x/week

Child taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

                                       Case Study 6: Ruby
                                     Ten-year-old Ruby started showing an interest in                                              swimming when her younger brother was learning                                       how to swim with Kate. She decided she wanted to learn about the four competitive strokes, but her mom thought she would do

best in a private 1:1 environment so Ruby started lessons with Kate and quickly was able to learn the four Olympic strokes. Kate worked with Ruby

on her endurance and eventually the lessons evolved into more of a

swim-team-style "workout."  After a few months of lessons with Kate,

Ruby's interest in the sport led her to attending swim camp where

she was able to show off her skills amongst a group of her peers.

For Ruby, the sense of accomplishment she gained in the pool

was unmatched.

Stroke Technique

6 yrs & up

30-60 minute lessons, 1-2x/week

Adult Learn-to-Swim

18 yrs & up

Adult Stroke Instruction

18 yrs & up

             Case Study 7: Kandice
                Kandice had a negative water experience as

                   a child that led her to develop a fear of the water well into her                            adult life. Over the years, she had been missing out on social                              opportunities with friends and family because she didn't know                          how to swim and was embarrassed to be around a pool and                           not be able to enjoy the water. On her 35th birthday, she made a                    goal for herself to finally take the plunge and conquer her fear of                   the water. In talking with Kandice prior to her lessons, Kate knew that             Kandice would benefit most from a slow and steady learning journey.         With clients like Kandice, Kate's background as a licensed therapist is            evident throughout her teaching methods as learning to swim is not only physical in nature, but for many swimmers, it also has mental and emotional components as well.

Adult taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

30-60 minute lessons, 1x/week

Adult taking swim lessons in Los Angeles

                                       Case Study 8: Lois
                                       Nearing retirement, Lois wanted to revive her love

                                        of swimming and get a refresher on correct stroke                                           technique so she could swim as a form of exercise at                                     her club. An avid learner, Lois was eager to absorb all of  the knowledge that Kate brought to the lessons. While she took quickly to the breaststroke, Lois struggled more with her freestyle as she worked on the coordination of her side breathing. With the extra practice she put in between lessons, after a few consistent months of lessons with Kate,

Lois felt like she had the tools necessary to be able to swim laps for


30-60 minute lessons, 1x/week

I Hope Your Aquatic Journey Never Ends

No matter where you are when you begin your aquatic journey, my hope is that you uncover a love of the water that stays with you for life.

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